FAQs - Before you book - Itinerary/Deviations

  • Unfortunately, we do not offer a pre-stay option at this time.  However, we do offer the option to extend your stay at the last visiting city for a supplemental deviation fee.  Hotel accommodation and airport transfer out not included.  Airline surcharge fees may apply.

Yes, you may extend your stay only in the last visiting city of the tour for a supplemental deviation fee (deviation fee varies by destination as listed below). You may select this option to extend your stay during the initial booking process.  Hotel accommodations and airport transfers out are not included when you extend your stay.  Hotel accommodations for your extended stay and airport transfer out service is available for purchase during the booking process (airport transfer service is available for purchase for all destinations except for our Japan and Maldives tours)

  • China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Bali - $60 pp deviation fee
  • Thailand - $60 to $200 pp deviation fee (varies based on airlines & departure date)
  • Japan, Greece  - $100 pp deviation fee
  • Maldives - $100 to $300 pp dev fee (varies based on departure date)

While any unused portion of the trip is non-refundable, you can opt out of certain included activities if you do not wish to participate in them.  Please be sure to notify us prior to your departure date and notify your tour guide upon arrival.  You will be responsible for any expenses incurred should you deviate from the tour group during the scheduled tour itinerary.  If you choose to deviate from the tour group on a day where we are transiting from one city to another, you will also be responsible for your own transportation and expenses incurred. 

Sorry, we only offer the option to extend your stay in the last visiting city of the tour itinerary.  Any extension to a city other than the one offered for the selected tour must be arranged on your own.

If your flight is delayed or you miss your flight, please notify us as soon as possible so we may inform your tour guide of your updated arrival.  Your tour guide will leave instructions with the hotel as to where you need to meet the group that night or the following morning.  An airport transfer service will not be included if you arrive later than the scheduled arrival date/time.  If you arrive later in the itinerary and the group has moved to a different destination, it will be your responsibility to catch up and meet the group at that destination.  We will provide you with the most up to date meeting information.  Please note Affordable World cannot reimburse you for any unused portion of the trip.