FAQs - Before you book - Cancellations/Departure Date Change

  • To cancel your trip please use our contact us form to let us know you would like to cancel your booking
  • Please note all written cancellations or departure date change requests must be received in writing
  • Cancellation and departure date change fees are based on the date we receive the request in writing
  • Travel insurance is non-refundable after a reservation has been paid in full
  • Please click here for more details regarding our cancellation and departure date change policy and fees
  • Groupon booking cancellation: If you have redeemed a voucher purchased through Groupon and subsequently cancel your booking, you will be responsible for all relevant cancellation fees as listed in Affordable World’s terms and conditions. Due to Groupon’s refund procedures, we are unable to refund you the balance owed to you (Amount paid to Groupon - cancellation fees).  To claim your refund for your Groupon booking, you will first need to pay all relevant cancellation charges directly to Affordable World. After we have received your cancellation charges we will notify Groupon your booking is cancelled and you can claim your refund directly from Groupon.
    • Groupon Booking Cancellation Procedure:

      ​​​​i. Use our contact us form to let us know you would like to cancel your booking
      ii. We will inform you of any cancellation fees that are applicable to your booking
      iii. Upon receipt of your cancellation fees payment we will cancel your booking and inform Groupon the booking is cancelled and your Groupon vouchers are eligible for a refund.
      iv. Upon receipt of an email notification from Affordable World Tours confirming receipt of the payment, you can contact Groupon directly to request a refund on your voucher purchase.